Monday, February 22, 2010

Hand Drawing: Little Girl Lost

What can I say? I love drawing little dollies. The cuter she looks, the better. Not that, I don't draw the males. But males always end up less cute, somehow.

I got the inspiration after listening to Annie's Tomorrow over and over again. And in the play, Little Annie's supposed to have red hair. The story had a happy ending. But the scene above was before the happy ending. And actually, there wasn't a teddy bear in the story. There was a dog. Dogs weren't exactly my strong point, so I opted for the bear.

I drew the character manga style, as my preference. First, was a simple rough outline with a soft pencil, added the ink using black ballpoint pen, erased the unnecessary chicken scratches. Lastly, the hues were applied using colored pencils and cotton swab.

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