Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pencil Sketch: Sacrifice

In preparation to face Ash Wednesday, I tried to make a pencil sketch of the Big JC based on the portrayal in King of Kings. Not that I succeed in reinventing the portrayal. It was a lousy screen printing. I mean, screen capture. Or something.

I thought I was going to return to basic by using the common 2B carbon pencil, cotton bud, and of course, the shabby sketchpad that I've abandoned for a couple of months. At first, making the outline was difficult, the hand's a bit rusty at the joints. Little by little, with lots of erasing and redrawing, the outline was done.

Now the hard part, the Shading. Did I ever mention I suck at shading? Yes, I did. By meticulously following the black and white photo caps, the face definition emerged. Not good, but not too shabby either, methinks. I spent hours and hours just doing the thorns. It didn't look exactly like thorns, more like wire. The hair was a nightmare. Because I suck at shading and highlighting.

But I'm kind of happy with the result. The image looks human, at the very least. I hope I don't go to hell because of this. What can I say? Still need some training and practice to reach professional level. Still a lot of work to do.

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