Friday, March 19, 2010

Digital Art: Ballerina

I made this image based on a photograph of a ballerina in a magazine, can't remember which. It seems that I still can't give up learning to create digital art images. Maybe if the response was good, I'd sell the art prints in Deviant Art.

The original picture is in vector, constructed with Corel Draw. The tools I used here were the freehand tool (equivalent of the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop), shape tool, the interactive transparency tool and the interactive drop shadow tool. For the background, I used gradient fill.
I'm not very good with designing the costume, so it's very simple and unimaginative. The tools in Corel Draw are easy to use without the hassle of using pen tool.

After the vector's finished, I opened the file in Adobe Photoshop to add some effects, like the transparent flowers around the border, and the border as well. A few layer styles and layer mask later, the final image's done.

So, is the artwork good enough for sale?

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