Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hand Drawing: Violet Dress

I drew the picture a while ago. Since learning digital imaging is a little difficult, I thought I could take a break and stretched my itchy fingers. So I picked up my old sketchbook, pencil, ballpoint and some coloring pencils, and started doodling.

To say that I like Jessica Alba is a major understatement. I love her style. I saw a picture of her wearing a beautiful dress in some event and I thought she looked gorgeous. So I sketched one based on that picture. The result isn't realistic like, doesn't even look like her. But the thought is there. I don't really remember if the dress is in similar hue. The hair is too bright and the skin is too pale.

Oh, well. I guess I still need a lot of work improving my hand drawing skill. And since I only used a simple ballpoint to trace the pencil sketch (I don't have RAPIDO tracing pen), the outline looked a little rough. The coloring pencils didn't produce vibrant tones. Those cheap counterfeit merchandise. Something's off, maybe the anatomical proportion. Where is my atlas of anatomy? I still need it as reference.

At least this time my scanner didn't throw a tantrum like last time.

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