Monday, February 22, 2010

Hand Drawing: Little Girl Lost

What can I say? I love drawing little dollies. The cuter she looks, the better. Not that, I don't draw the males. But males always end up less cute, somehow.

I got the inspiration after listening to Annie's Tomorrow over and over again. And in the play, Little Annie's supposed to have red hair. The story had a happy ending. But the scene above was before the happy ending. And actually, there wasn't a teddy bear in the story. There was a dog. Dogs weren't exactly my strong point, so I opted for the bear.

I drew the character manga style, as my preference. First, was a simple rough outline with a soft pencil, added the ink using black ballpoint pen, erased the unnecessary chicken scratches. Lastly, the hues were applied using colored pencils and cotton swab.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hand Drawing: Victorian Girls

I like drawing long dresses. I can't design a beautiful dress, though. So here's just two girls wearing generic long dresses. With different colors, of course. The lack of background is not deliberate. It's just that I suck at drawing background, so it's left empty and barren. I'm not sure about the parchment and quill. Victorians no longer use parchments, methinks. Oh well, at least it's not a slab of stone and a chisel.

The image is fairly simple, just generic manga style girls with generic manga style hair. At first, it was just rough pencil sketch, then I added ink using black ballpoint pen. Other pens are not as cheap and easy to use. I erased the rough lines and added some colors using colored pencils. As I was too lazy to fill the background, I only colored the grass.

Not much to be said. That's the problem about hand drawing. Nothing to brag about.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pencil Sketch: Sacrifice

In preparation to face Ash Wednesday, I tried to make a pencil sketch of the Big JC based on the portrayal in King of Kings. Not that I succeed in reinventing the portrayal. It was a lousy screen printing. I mean, screen capture. Or something.

I thought I was going to return to basic by using the common 2B carbon pencil, cotton bud, and of course, the shabby sketchpad that I've abandoned for a couple of months. At first, making the outline was difficult, the hand's a bit rusty at the joints. Little by little, with lots of erasing and redrawing, the outline was done.

Now the hard part, the Shading. Did I ever mention I suck at shading? Yes, I did. By meticulously following the black and white photo caps, the face definition emerged. Not good, but not too shabby either, methinks. I spent hours and hours just doing the thorns. It didn't look exactly like thorns, more like wire. The hair was a nightmare. Because I suck at shading and highlighting.

But I'm kind of happy with the result. The image looks human, at the very least. I hope I don't go to hell because of this. What can I say? Still need some training and practice to reach professional level. Still a lot of work to do.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hand Drawing: Violet Dress

I drew the picture a while ago. Since learning digital imaging is a little difficult, I thought I could take a break and stretched my itchy fingers. So I picked up my old sketchbook, pencil, ballpoint and some coloring pencils, and started doodling.

To say that I like Jessica Alba is a major understatement. I love her style. I saw a picture of her wearing a beautiful dress in some event and I thought she looked gorgeous. So I sketched one based on that picture. The result isn't realistic like, doesn't even look like her. But the thought is there. I don't really remember if the dress is in similar hue. The hair is too bright and the skin is too pale.

Oh, well. I guess I still need a lot of work improving my hand drawing skill. And since I only used a simple ballpoint to trace the pencil sketch (I don't have RAPIDO tracing pen), the outline looked a little rough. The coloring pencils didn't produce vibrant tones. Those cheap counterfeit merchandise. Something's off, maybe the anatomical proportion. Where is my atlas of anatomy? I still need it as reference.

At least this time my scanner didn't throw a tantrum like last time.