Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fan Art: Sora Naegino (Kaleido Star)

This is a fan art of Sora Naegino, the main character from the anime Kaleido Star. There's the manga too, but the style of my image is purely anime.

I sketched the outline based on a few screen shots of Sora and scanned it. Inked (traced) the outline using Corel Draw so I got crispy clean lines. Then painted the colors using Adobe Photoshop which was so much fun. The costume wasn't from the anime, it's purely mine. Notice the shabby design which was a little dull, not the extravagant getup that appeared in the anime.

Notice the background. I didn't get to write Kaleido Star because it's a bit long. Believe me, I tried. Looked weird. So I opted for the word Star. It's short, meaningful and appropriate to describe Sora.

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