Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Manga Style: Old Fashioned Girl

I like old school style dresses. I drew this based on an image I found from a manga about some European girls at school, maybe English, but I wasn't sure.

The outline I drew by hand, from scratch. I use 2B mechanical pencil and 4B pencil for the stronger lines. The face and figure were supposed to be doll-like, with enormous manga(anime)-style eyes. I'm not partial toward the proportion of the body. Not enough manga (anime) streak in it. Shoulders too wide (maybe), arms too long. In my vision, European dolls should have curly hair and I made it short enough for the style to look child-like.
Then I tidied up the stray lines and scanned the end result.

For color, I used Adobe Photoshop because I was too lazy to do it by hand. It would take too long. With polygonal lasso, I selected the area I wanted to color and used paint bucket to fill with 100% opacity ... on a new layer. Then changed the opacity of the layer.
Made a new layer and do the above steps all over again.
See... I'm lazy. Manual outline and digital coloring might be the fastest way to go.

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