Friday, July 13, 2012

The Harmony of Me

Metallic silver and the color purple conjoined and intertwined created an atmosphere of powered modernization with a hint of ancient traditional heritage. That was the first impression I got when I saw the silver Sony Vaio E14P. From the tag line, one can be certain about who will be most suitable to utilize this gadget, the cool and creative people. As an amateur graphic designer, an art enthusiast, and a versatile musician, I sincerely believe it suits me just as well. 

One example that represents the harmonious marriage between modern and tradition is the fusion music. I'm talking about a combination of various musical styles like jazz and rock, with a heavy influence of Gamelan. My favorite band that carries this style of music is Simak Dialog, formed by Riza Arshad and Tohpati. Their albums have been distributed internationally, although only a few of Indonesian people have actually heard them. Their third album "Trance/Mission" has the sound of contemporary music with a touch of mysticism. Another musician I adore is Ananda Sukarlan who has successfully incorporated the pentatonic scales of Gamelan music into modern classical piano pieces. They are whom I would call cool and creative musician of our time. 

In order to follow the footsteps of my idols, naturally I started listening to Gamelan music to understand the mysterious charm of Indonesia's ancient orchestra. The pentatonic tone and echoing vibe created an aura of spiritual calmness reverberating though the soul. In an experiment, I tried merging it with techno beat to counterbalance the calm and collected expression. The sound of course did not come out as beautifully as my idols' creation, but it is a wonderful start. Currently I have been working on a simple piano piece using Gamelan's pentatonic scale. It is a work-in-progress and hopefully one day, I too can give a meaningful contribution to the preservation of traditional art. With that, I think I can call myself a cool and creative person. 

So if you ask me why I think the silver Sony Vaio E14P suits me...

Well, ... Because it's me...

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